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15 days and 14 nights trip in Tuscany and stay at Hotel Santa Caterina (FB) Train: Trenitalia, month of March and from 7 until 22. Transfers to and from Siena station, with use of electric scooters or bicycles in Sharing. On the first day, bike ride to Piazza del Campo and Palazzo Pubblico with the Torre del Mangia, which can be reached on foot or by car from the hotel. The second day visit the Piazza del Duomo on foot. On the third day, visit the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. On the fourth day I rest until the afternoon and then I go shopping in via Banchi di Sopra. On the fifth day, visit the Antica Torrefazione Caffetteria Fiorella, then go to the Piccolomini Library On the sixth day visit the Botanical Garden of the city of Siena. On the seventh day, visit the Pinoteca Nacional de Siena. On the eighth day, walk the city walls and then go to the Siena Natural History Museum On the 9th day guided tour in the secret Siena The tenth day of the Palio di Siena event The eleventh day Trekking to the Samezzano Park and then take a walk at the end of the afternoon in the Samezzano castle park Twelfth day visit to the Torre del Mangia The thirteenth day of mountain biking in Val D’Elsa On the fourteenth day I travel on electric scooters to visit Santa Maria della Scala. The fifteenth day Return to Rome by train.



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